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Indie Bookstores that stock Farming:
Avid Bookshop, Athens Georgia
Blue Ridge Books, Waynesville, NC
Book Exchange, Marietta Georgia
Bookmiser, Roswell Georgia
City Lights, Sylva NC
Eagle Eye Bookshop
Malaprop's Asheville NC
Mercer University Press 
Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh NC

Stay tuned for extensive listing of Indie Bookstores more will be added in September

From Farming, Friends & Fried Bologna Sandwiches:

The Tradition of Baloney Sandwiches

There is no shame in enjoying a fried bologna sandwich. Some foods trigger memories. Whether smelling a peach or trying sushi for the first time, food binds taste with experiences. Food memories, good, or bad, linger in our adult lives. I bet you can still remember the first time you tasted a gooey campfire s’more dripping with melted chocolate and marshmallow fluff. The feel of a rough graham cracker as it touched your fingers; the anticipation as you pressed the crackers together blending chocolate with puffy white goo. Your tongue traced the edge of the cracker. You wanted to savor each bite, but your best friend had just said, “Bet you can’t cram the whole thing in your mouth.” 

So you did.
Billy Albertson loves baloney sandwiches. It does not matter how Oscar Mayer spells B-O-L-O-G-N-A, for Billy it’s “baloney.” In his day, fried baloney sandwiches were a delicacy. They still are today.


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Sometimes people are placed in our lives for reasons we don't quite understand. Such was the case when on an ordinary day Renea Winchester visited the home of Billy Albertson. That day began a remarkable friendship.Enjoy the magic and wonder of Billy's little strip of country hidden in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.
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